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Eddie Goggins
Eddie Goggins

Eddie Goggins lives in Dublin, Ireland and he works weekdays as a dentist in Cabinteely Village – Dublin 18 Dental Rooms. On weekends Eddie also works as a flying instructor teaching advanced flying techniques.

At a young age Eddie went to an airshow where he first saw an airplane flying upside down. From that day on, he dreamed about doing the same thing himself. He had his first flying lesson at the age of 18 in Dublin Weston Aerodrome. It took him 5 years to save the money to get a private pilots licence. He added a commercial licence and an instructors rating and since then he has accumulated 2500 hours in airplanes and 400 hours in helicopters.  He is qualified on over 40 different types of aircraft and has flown everything from hang-gliders to Citation Jets.

Eddies main love however has always been aerobatics. He was drawn to the competitive world and since 2004 he has been a 5 time Irish aerobatic champion and has competed in several European countries and he won a Bronze medal for Ireland at the 2008 World Advanced Championships in the USA. He is one of a few aerobatic instructors in Ireland.

In 2018 Eddie came 5th in the European Freestyle Championships in the Czech Republic and he will represent Ireland in the World Aerobatic Championships in France, from 22nd to 31st August, 2019.